Canberra City Cheerleading

Canberra City Cheerleading offers all cheerleaders the opportunity to compete at State and National competitions, in high-energy routines made up of stunts, gymnastics tumbling and dance. Competing with Canberra City involves building skills and confidence as part of a team and is a lot of fun – competitive cheer competitions have to be experienced to be believed!

We also offer recreational classes, for anyone who wants to try cheerleading or is looking for a fun and new way to keep fit.

Cheerleading is a great way to learn impressive skills, get fit and strong, and work as a team to achieve your goals. You don’t need any experience to get into cheerleading – you just need to be excited about learning new skills and getting amongst it! Cheerleading builds strength, coordination, confidence and a bit of fearlessness – great for girls and boys. We are always amazed at how quickly our cheerleaders go from being new or nervous beginners to confident and adventurous leaders.